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Features & benefits
100% web-based DMS
Multiple users & locations
Inventory management
VIN decoding
Vehicle valuations
Internet sales & marketing
Inventory distribution services
Lead generation
Prospect tracking & CRM *
Customer database
Lenders and F&I products
Forms printing
Online vehicle registrations
Quick calculators
Qualified credit applications
Credit reports & OFAC checks
Dealer Software - Features & Benefits
Features & benefits - Quick calculators - Dealership Management Software
Dealer software - Quick calculators
Quick calculators
Online DMS preview - Detailed inventory management screen
Compute finance numbers quickly using our advanced deal calculators. You have access to quick calculators that will instantly produce payments so you can quote to a customer without submitting excruciating details. Once you have reached an agreeable structure, you can save these quick deals and retrieve them while completing the deal paperwork with the customer.

Default values
We allow you to save default values for your frequently used charges so that you do not have to spend time filling them in each time. For e.g. identify taxable items and compute sales tax on the fly. At the same time the system is flexible enough to allow you to change them as you need within a deal.

Dealer websites - New and used car dealers
Web presence
Design and host a professional website that’s automatically updated with your current inventory.
Automated book values
Instant book values from J.D. POWER that automatically stays updated.
Credit bureau reports & OFAC search
Quick access to all 3 national credit bureaus to review every customer’s credit profile.
Automated upload to classifieds
No more duplicate data entry. Upload your inventory to leading automotive classifieds services with the click of a button.
Online registration
Save trips to the DMV. Register vehicles online, pay fees and other dues. Transfer deals to DMV instantly.
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